Friday, April 30, 2010

Linking up the Weekend

look up!

Finally back online! There is some major problem with my Internet providers servers- not quite sure what the problem was/is, heard tons of different stories, but now that I am back online (despite it being very slow), I don't care!
I missed all of you, no reading of my favorite blogs, no being inspired by amazing photos, no interesting chats on twitter, no meeting wonderful talented folks... ha the list seems endless, so does the list of people to visit and things to catch up. so please bear with me!? I am going to slowly read up on all of it over the next 3 days...until then let me hook you up with the fabulousity I found over the last couple of hours

This is one of my favourite posts ever! The story and photography is amazing and touched something very deep inside my heart.Truly inspiring and beautiful.

For more poetry visit this flickr stream, Theresa always manages to enchant me, here photography speaks a thousand words and her words are heart piercing.

A little yarn love for all the knitters.. I like Paddington Stare for a Shawl.

Wish I could go shopping here, I literally love everything. But this dress is simply amazing- a girl can dream right?!

And last some stylishness in the mother city, that might have triggered more for the future

Any links you can recommend?
Happy Weekend, xo


Hilton said...

Simply delightful to visit your home.....

Mari Mansourian said...

hi there, thanks for all the great info, i too have been absent from the blogoshpere for too long, it just feels like a part of you is missing huh? :) good to be back and visiting all you great folks too

Leenie said...

Glad your internet is up and running. Thanks for the great links.

Cindy said...

welcome back! i can recommend a blog that is filled with inspiration and written by the sweetest girl. visit it here -

gothcha, but it's true! enjoy your weekend! xo, c


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