Monday, February 15, 2010

Review of my Week

Lily of the Nile

Another week zapped by! February seems to be extremly quick passed and hurried this year.
I have finally edited down my photos and the above are the ones I chose for the Lily of the Nile theme. Been busy with Art Cards, thought that I could have them ready on Saturday, but they needed a little tweeking- Tomorrow they go to the printers...and I will show them to you :)
That is as much as I can tell you without boring you to death I am afraid to say-- since the whole week was marked with plenty of tidious chores and admin work. The weekend though was full of social events and outings (hence it i am writing this rather late) which was a welcomed balance
For the coming week I have a few news to share with you!
enjoy the rest of your weekend


Leenie said...

The lilys are very fine. I've not seen anything like them here. I have lilies but not blue ones...somewhere under all that snow. Looking forward to seeing the printed ones.

Leenie said...

The printed cards--not the snow or the lilies.

Line said...

gorgeous flowers, thanks to you!

t does wool said...

beautiful,beautiful Asiye~

jane said...

these are all lovely! can´t wait to hear your news!

Valentina Harper said...

Beautiful :) *LOVE* the colors!

Cindy said...

wow. they are gorgeous all together. looking forward to your news!


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