Sunday, January 24, 2010

Review of my Week

Week 3

This weeks had many impressions- new projects, photo sessions, sketching, swimming, craft meeting, some research and last but not least the wedding of two dear friends.
The wedding was wonderful. Full of joy, beauty and laughter. It left me with a big smile and contemplating on the joy of friendship & marriage.
Congratulations Raihana and Riyad!
May your love grow more and more, so that this amazing day will be the day you loved each other least ;)


t does wool said...

great week review.

avant garde design said...

hi there! just realized i haven't been to some of my favorite blogs in a while, i've been lazy while on my school break these days, but classes started again last night, so i'm back in a focused state. just catching up on some of your beautiful posts, loving the winter pictures and your mixed media sketches, they are dreamy! hope you are having a great week and i promise to be back more often!!! :)

Cindy said...

so gorgeous. i forget you are in summertime, until you show us your beautiful blooms!


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