Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Gatehring my thoughts


I have been trying to gather my thoughts- been reflecting on many things. I guess this is triggered by my visit home and also by the end of the year being already around the corner. I am still not able to put it all into words. So I am just letting it all settle, am sketching, knitting, designing and taking things slow- just going with the flow.
So if you don't mind; I will be posting photos, more or less silently.. well really however it comes.



avant garde design said...

glad you got to go home for a visit! and take time to reflect, it's good for the soul. so is creativity, you'll probably produce some of your best work that way. i'll be enjoying your photos as usual, like the one above, those cold berries, was that from you going home? just quiet and beautiful.

Cindy said...

sounds good to me. enjoy your time reflecting.

Anonymous said...

It has been a big year, hasn't it? Thank you for sharing your adventures with us, I look forward to your posts and your photos as they are a trip down memory lane for me.

It is the perfect time to reflect and let everything sink in. May it bring about a well of creativity for you.

Merry Christmas :)


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