Sunday, November 8, 2009

Review of my Week

Review of my week 45

At the beginning of this week spring seemed to be fading out- the last spring flowers are slowly vanishing and the summer blooms are starting to pop up- and it was really hot. Proper swimming pool- kinda hot. I was about to pack away my winter cardigans- and then at the end of the week the weather took a sudden turn, and brought winter like rains and winds from the antarctic. (hence the last photo)
While non of us are clear what is happening to the seasons, i went to the clay cafe, spent time at the library-planing and plotting, swam (i just simply couldn't resist!),held girls luncheons, did some test knitting, went shopping and got a fabulous surprise gift! ( i will tell you about my shopping spree and my fantabulous gift in the week!)

How was your week?

Enjoy the rest of your weekend! xo


Leenie said...

Each of your pictures is a gem in a setting of jewelry. Is number five a pic of pencils with multiple colors? The points on the fence are such a great color. That last one does look a little chilly.

t does wool said...

beautiful Aisye...every one of them!

Anna said...

Sounds like a good week! We've had the first cold weather and frost of the year this week - envying your sunshine!

Cindy said...

it was nice, but i love your view!


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