Friday, November 13, 2009



I have been shopping a lot lately! First I bought the above knitting needles. It is a small interchangeable set of circular needles... and all I have to say is that I need to get more!

But more importantly I needed to get some yarn to use the gorgeous needles

shopping spree

So I got some wool. All from Nurturing Fibres, one of a kind yarns. I admit I got a bit carried away.

And I promise I will stop buying stuff now- well just after I bought a basket to store my newly aquired stash ;)


Cindy said...

oh how wonderful. it's good to be 'bad'. i'm looking forward to seeing what you make with those lovely yarns. enjoy your weekend!

Line said...

this is beautiful, hope you have a wonderful time with your creations!!!

Jesse said...

Yum. That's all.

(Have you changed your header? The poppy photo is beautiful! And I apologise if it's old and I just hadn't noticed....)

Leenie said...

Buying stuff and gear for our favorite pursuits is as much or more fun than the doing. Those needles are a work of art in themselves. The yarns are like ornaments. Then there is the anticipation of what you will produce. I understand. I have been shopping for paper. I just discovered Moleskine. It is almost too excellent to mark up.

painted fish studio said...

i think your money was well spent! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow - what gorgeous yarn! The knitpicks are great arean't they, I don't use anything else now!

t does wool said...

shopping is good sometimes...stirs the creative you.
lovely choices Aisye...all!!


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