Thursday, October 8, 2009

Everything's Connected

Everything's Connected

I had the good fortune to be able to test knit for Jeannie Cartmel. The pattern is called Everything's Connected and you can purchase it through Ravelry.

Everything's Connected

I followed the small pattern, CO 60 sts.
Yarn: Nurturing Fibers Sock Wool, Lavender Fields

It was an amazing experience! I felt truly honoured to be chosen to test knit, especially after I discovered that I was the newbie knitter around- everybody else had knitted tons of socks already- my 4th pair so far.
The instructions are very detailed and clear.
I learnt two major things making these socks: how to make cables without a cable needle
and not to flap! Let me explain: After cast on i got in a flap, telling myself this is so complicated, are you good enough? And that sucked up all my energy, and it took me a whole week to make one single sock! As I knitted on though i discovered the rhythm of the pattern and it became really easy. And as I discovered that I was good enough to chose do a really beautiful pattern, I just got to be patient and attentive and knit- and not flapping around!

I honestly think this is the nicest thing I ever knitted!
(And am hoping to be able to do more test knits- they are tons of fun! )


blue moss said...

these are so fabulous....i love them

Line said...

they look great!!

Jesse said...

Awesome socks! Well done! I love the way the cables go over the toe; it looks like a lovely pattern. And yes, isn't that the beauty of knitting? Nothing about it is as complicated as it seems if you break it down into pieces and follow the pattern.

Jeannie said...

Very pretty!! Thank you for test knitting. I like the bright color that I used, but I'm loving it in the subdued color that you used too.

Veja cecilia said...

wow, I just love those socks! Feeling inspired to knit:)

Aris said...

Wow those are gorgeous. That would be a great pattern for knee socks to really show the pattern off. Beautiful work!!

Anairam said...

Wow! This is truly beautiful! I think a coat or sweater in that pattern will also look awesome. But probably tooooooo much work.


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