Tuesday, October 20, 2009



After enjoying my guests, and having a little holiday with them I am back to normal. I am going to read up all my favourite blogs now!
See you soon around yours


Anairam said...

Good to have you back! No, I didn't go for a swim - am a bit lazy that way. Plus I am scared of swimming in the sea after I almost drowned when I was a little girl. But I hope you enjoyed your swim - which beach do you go to?

Line said...

nice to see you back, what a great picture too!!

Cindy said...

welcome back! i love that view.

avant garde design said...

hey!! hope you had fun with your guests and speaking swiss like you said. my best friend lives in finland when she was living here in the states for a while, i loved hearing her talk on the phone to her family in finnish. i visited her a couple of years ago in finland and loved it! helsinki was gorgeous, one of these days i'll have to visit switzerland right? :) love that photo above too, super powerful !!!


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