Tuesday, September 22, 2009


In the last months I have started several projects....
First let me show you the ones I finished:

First I knitted the pink socks which I named Marshmallows.
I adore the pattern. But it is a bit big- so they became my slipper sock- warming my toes during nippy evenings. I am wearing them now!

The yellow pair is named Sunflower.
This is my favourite Socks I knitted so far. Love the lace and cable pattern, and the wool is a dream. I did change the heel and toe to make it fit me. The pattern calls for just a few rows of garter stitch on top- but I didn't like that. So I made a picot border on top.

Here are all of the started knitting projects:

on my needles

I can't believe I got so many projects on the go! And will in the few weeks concentrate on finishing them all!
What you been up to? Anything you planning to finish in the next few weeks?


Cindy said...

you are so talented and patient! i love your socks, especially those pink ones. your photos look so great! happy knitting!

painted fish studio said...

your socks are so pretty! i have so much respect for those that knit socks - i'm sure i'll never attempt it!


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