Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Review of my Week


Review of my week 40

after a couple of weeks of being a recluse- i jumped back into social life to be completly swap by it
had picnics in the park, a wedding, a roadtrip, birthdaybrunch, fridaygirlslunch, catchup coffee and spinning demo at orion this week..
i really enjoy springs arrival, and really feel it, despite a few days of chilly weather
i now just have to get into the swing around here
how was your week?


Line said...

my week was very busy, but I took a long stroll today It feels good, lovely shots... Happy week to you!

Anonymous said...

What glorious photos! And your trip up the West Coast looked amazing!

Been horrifically busy on this side of the world - it's also been freezing cold and rainy. We've finally got a spring day here today, and it's lovely!

Have a lovely week!

Line said...

Would you like to choose the week word, I would post something on my blog, for the blog list I be back latter to tell you how!!!!

please sir said...

Sounds like an amazing week!

Cindy said...

your reviews are always my favorites!


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