Thursday, August 6, 2009

Ravelry: Baby hats

Razor Baby's Cap

The last Craftmeeting fell on Nelson Mandela's Birthday, and two members had the brilliant idea that we should spend our 67min knitting for charity. They suggested to knit teddy bears and baby caps, which would be donated to Mowbray Hospital, they will be given to a newborn in need. Jesse had brought a bag of wool and gave us the most simple pattern for a baby hat.
I chatted to much knitted to little, so had to finish it at home the next day...

67 Minutes

67 Minutes

67 Minutes


Cast on 62sts
9rows 1x1rib
40rows mossstich (or whatever else your heart desires)
cast off, stitch seam together, add 2 tassels - e voila a cute and quick baby hat!

I used for this hat Pengioun, Pure New Wool, Shade 49. I love this amazing beige/mushroom colour and wanted to buy some of it to make something for O- but sadly it was discontinued?! So my search for the perfect kind of beige wool is going on...

Inspired by this beautiful yarn, the idea of knitting a baby hat and honestly cuteness of the result, I knitted another one of these

Razor Baby's Cap

Razor Baby's Cap

I used Sublime Baby Cashmere Merino Silk DK,Shade 005. Honestly the a bit hefty price tag is absolutely worth it. Its a beautiful yarn, that is lovely to knit with. It creates a fabric, that is soft and has a light sheen
It is for R's (ravelry link) baby which is due end of August. We had a tea & scone yarn swap yesterday and I gave her the hat. Hope she and her baby will love it!

I definitely will be doing more of these, they take more than 67min- to be exact from cast on to finishing double the time :)- but they are sweet and quick and have tons of possibilities. I also think its wonderful to knit for people in need, so want to make it regular thing to knit a couple of these and pass them on to the hospital hopefully to end up with someone who will love and treasure it- but more importantly I know that it is really needed

Having been ill most of the week, I have been knitting quite a bit- not my cardigan I am afraid to say- here is a sneak peak of my new project

Will be back tomorrow with the weekword- join in its fun!


strikk handknits said...

aah - hope you feeling better soon ;-) love the little cap, too cute...xx

Jesse said...

Your hats look so cute!

Cindy said...

i'm sorry you continue to be sick and hope you're feeling a bit better by now. your cap is absolutely wonderful as is the reason for making it. you are so talented. the first photo is really cool.

Anairam said...

Hope you are better soon! Having had the dreaded lurgy I know what you are going through - and it hangs around for a long, long time. We are only now starting to feel better... I love the baby hats! Love it!! And the pattern sounds so simple - even I will be able to make one (although I will have to look up how to do moss stitch, I only know plain and purl). But I'm wondering whether I can make one for myself - not having any babies around to satisfy my urge to make this sweet hat. Or would it look totally silly on an adult? What do you think?


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