Tuesday, August 11, 2009


I wish to be a wild flower

Nuray posted this beautiful photo today on flickr. It made me feel like spring! Adore all the details.

What inspired you today? Any great links? Please let me know!
Enjoy Tuesday!


avant garde design said...

oh, so pretty and dainty. i'm inspired by white rooms, spaces right now. i really love the images today on the city sage's blog, her link is on my blog. she always seems to think like me as far as color, design etc. strange, but she has a great and inspirational blog. :) like yours !!!!

Anonymous said...

that is a wonderful photo!!

Katie said...

Such a beautiful photo!

Cindy said...

such a beautiful photo. it's inspiring!

Valentina Harper said...

Ohhh that photo is a relly great inspiration!!!

Dionne said...

Oh that is gorgeous. Funny you post about inspiration - I did too! Hahahaha. Great minds think alike.


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