Monday, July 27, 2009

Review of my Week


Review of my Week 30

Sorry for the delay of this, but the weather is really not like winter... and I had to take advantage of it.
So this is only posted on Monday lunch time

It was a week full of coffees chats and meetings . All my friends, that have gone overseas, are now one by one coming back, which has resulted in tons of socializing and even more coffee. It really good to have them back and wonderful to hear of their adventure (Can you imagine how my feet are itching?!)

Monday: I decided to try and improve my paintings, and will post about it soon. (with results)

Tuesday: O and me started a new "tradition and doing the french thing" (as he calls it) - a little walk (trust me its very little- O is from Jozi) followed by organic croissants and coffees every second morning. Its actually really nice, it means he doesn't just run out the door and we actually sit and chat before nine in the evening...(have i mentioned O is a total workaholic?)

Wednesday: I was asked to give a talk about Sufism in the afternoon - so being the eternal procrastinator i prepared it late morning.
Thursday - Sunday: Was packed with Dinners, Brunches, Coffees! Just social stuff. I really enjoyed it. But will be at home alone this afternoon. And hopefully get some decent amount of work done!

This week I decided that I really need to get fit again. Despite my dislike for indoor pools and gyms I will be visiting both on regular basis now (I hope!)

Hope you had a fabulous week!

Will be solving the mystery later today and announce the winners! (if you haven't comment yet this is your last chance!)


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