Sunday, July 19, 2009

Review of my Week

Review of my Week 29

The mosaic is a bit of a cheat, the weather did most of the week look like the first photo, and often even worse! On Thursday the clouds cleared and made space for a gorgeous nearly turquoise sky and plenty of sun. 

Monday: Clay Cafe Day, after ages I finally managed to go again

Tuesday: Lunch at Z's

Wednesday: Zay is back from an epic journey in the south of Europe, so coffee and long chat were on the menu

Thursday: Went for a long walk in the park, photo session and obviously for my daily coffees with Zay ( have I mentioned how much i missed her?!)

Friday:Girls lunch

Saturday: Craft meeting at the Book lounge- most of us spent our 67min for someone else knitting baby hats. J. and M. brought wool and patterns for teddy bears or baby hats. J. will collect the finished goodies and pass then on to a knitting group that knits baby blankets and beanies for new born babies of poor people.

Sunday: Finished my baby hat, added some tassels and loving it (will post a photo soon), we met with friends and went home for an early evening in...
( Tudors is playing tonight shhh don't tell anyone, we claimed we were just tired ;))

In the coming week I got few things planned: doing more water colours, knitting and a give-away around here. See you soon again!
I am off to get my weekly dose of series!

Enjoy your evening


Cindy said...

your week sounds pretty good! love your blue skies and the building on the lower right. scott thanks you for your support ;). have a great week!

Anonymous said...

I'm so behind on catching up with blogs that it's embarrassing! Your paintings are looking great though, and I love your photos here.

t does wool said...

your week looked so good!!

aimee said...

you have the most beautiful skies in south africa. let's see more watercolors, please! i loved your painting in the last post!

avant garde design said...

hey, sounds like you had a great week, with your friend returning and all of that knitting. i need to learn something new with my knitting. i really enjoy how relaxing it is and what you can create from that time. perhaps towards the fall and winter i'll get brave and attempt something other than a scarf. the photo in the 2nd row, middle? what is that? i love the circular shapes that keep flowing outward. really nice!

avant garde design said...

oh! i just clicked on it, it's a view from a glass, oh my gosh, i so love that idea. it truly created a fabulous effect. :)


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