Sunday, July 12, 2009

Review of my Week

Review of my Week 28

It was a week of oaks, watercolour paintings, lots of sunshine and plenty of grumpiness on my side.
I can not explain why but I was in a terrible mood most of the week, and feeling rather sorry about it now. I wasn't however too horrid to people, I just became a 3 day hermit. Feeling much less in a bad mood, despite the arrival of a huge storm yesterday. I was waiting in anticipation since one could literally smell its arrival on Friday.
I have painted one watercolour sketch every day- will post today's tomorrow (its already on flickr if anybody should be curios)
Also this week seemed to be a week of tons of meetings lots of planning new projects and discussing ideas. I am rather excited about them and hope that they all will work out.
You will be pleased to hear that my whole oak love has come and gone. And I won't be posting more photos of oaks. I am waiting for my next obsession to sweep me of my feet, until then I shall be trying to paint and be creative...
For now I am going to go back to my window seat and watch the storm. It's the most amazing spectacle to watch (when one is warm and dry inside)
Enjoy your evening


strikk handknits said...

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Cindy said...

i like your tree and glad your mood has improved like the falling of the leaves.


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