Thursday, July 30, 2009


Flower message

After painting fun and girly pictures I decided to be explore the medium a wee bit more seriously. So what what else to paint than flower? My first attempt was the dandelion, and i couldn't resist the tags, hence it came out a wee bit girly again- but through all my fun and trial pieces I have learnt something.


I am quite happy with it- except I managed to make a smudge (again!). And serious watercolour is not quite as much fun as my earlier doodles- the sense of achievement (despite the lack of greatness) is huge though. I guess I will do a bit of both?
Due to my errors I stopped painting for a few days, sat down and thought about my watercolour experience.
I have build up a few tips for my self, which I hope will help me to get better. Since I seem to stumble the same errors each time:

Asiye' s Watercolour Reminders

  • Be patient
  • Don't hurry - let the paint dry when needed, you will see the end colour and won't smudge as a result!
  • Be patient
  • Plan you painting roughly before you start
  • Be patient
  • Paint from back to front
  • Don't take it too serious
  • Enjoy it
  • Don't be too much of a perfectionist
  • Be patient!!!
  • Have fun and keep going

Do you have any tips for me?

ps: the weekword this week is REINVENT, in case you would like to join it!


painted fish studio said...

i think your tips are perfect! watercolor is a frustrating medium for me and I tend to avoid it, but i'm inspired to pick up brushes after seeing your work!

Cindy said...

have fun, fun, fun! watercolors are really hard because you can't really hide your 'mistakes'! i think you're doing marvelously!

Sarah said...

Your watercolours are beautiful! I love watercolour for the fun it is-the way the colours mix and dry in strange swirls and splotches. My advice? Be patient!-only kidding-enjoy your future watercolours!

Anairam said...

Absolutely love your dandelion and blossoming watercolours! Thanks for the tips - I have always wanted to paint (in general, not watercolour specifically) but it seems so daunting! And: where does one start? At the moment I am still painting as though I am "colouring in" between outlines, if you know what I mean. One day I will do a proper course ...

●• Thereza said...



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