Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Review of my Week

Review of my Week

another very late review, it seems to get a habit. So sorry

Last week was really grey and rainy.
So my wellies were out allot every day until Saturday, when finally the the rains stopped . Then they were put aside, and  they are still waiting for bad weather. Fingers crossed, they going to wait a while!

Monday: Spring clean- ahm Autumn clean. I felt like I needed a super clean. Everything was sparkling clean except the windows. I decided to leave them for spring.

Tuesday: Went for lunch at a friends and we decided we should take a small trip up the coast...

Wednesday: Took a walk to Orion (my wool shop), which is right on the flank of Table mountain. It started poring on my way there, and I promised myself to never ever walk all that way again. I will tell you about my buys and finds tomorrow. Walking down hill, it had stopped raining, the view was breath taking! The light was shining on the water, huge ships were docking, and there was a huge cloud hanging over it all... and I left my camera at home. Made an attempt to take a photo with my cell phone, a thing I will never do again. But i think I will take another walk to Orion with Camera
Had Coffee with a friend from Johannesburg in the afternoon.

Thursday: Morning at pilates
afternoon had Z for tea

Friday: It was poring and I would have stayed at home, but had to get some groceries.... went past the bead shop and made some stitch markers

Saturday: Even though I was cloudy, I felt like I could finally breath again! Those storms make me feel down. Brunch with friends. I grabbed my camera and went for a long walk in town.

Sunday: Pick nick in Kleinconstantia with friends, then was invite at S. and T. They live in Seapoint and as I was admiring the sunset I realised that I forgot my camera at home - again.

Hope this weeks sunshine will hold on a bit
Back tomorrow with Ravelry update

Hope you had a good week


aimee said...

your week looks like our week - lots of umbrellas!

Cindy said...

the sun has been teasing us, too. i love your photos, especially the umbrellas!

Anonymous said...

Looks like our summer too!

t does wool said...

love the rainy days mosaic...a little rain mixed with a little sun was my week...


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