Monday, April 27, 2009

Review of my week

Review of my week 17

Did I say last Sunday that autumn has arrived? Ahm I was wrong! It has been fast forward to WINTER!
After initial terror over the bad weather- I have to (secretly) admit I suddenly gotten into the whole cold weather thing- and this is a wee bit shallow but my reason for it are clothes... I've done retail therapy in my wardrobe , really enjoyed restyling and wearing something different than my summer clothes. Best part is wearing my wellies, which a dear friend had brought me in from Switzerland. Oh and I do love my white-polka-dot see-through umbrella ... shallow ! I warned you

Tuesday: Clay cafe day, something went wrong with the kiln temperature and my teacups came out oval and skew. So I redone them
Wednesday: Was voting day in South Africa. And honestly I loved It! I am not a citizen but just seeing the turn up, seeing tons of interesting people discussing politics coming out in the rain to vote, was really moving. And lots of young people here care for what is happening in their country- which is heartwarming
Thursday: Cape Philharmonic Concert as usual an immense pleasure to attend
Friday: Lunch with girlfriends
Sunday: Went to watch Indien Cricket League at Newlands.

I have been reflecting a lot- there are changes happening , which I will tell you later about -and sketching



aimee said...

i LOVE the sixth picture - the drawing of the flowers - did you do that? so curious to hear about your changes and to see some of your sketching :) xoxo A

strikk handknits said...

this is so cool what you do with the collages - i really like this feature on your blog ;-)

Anonymous said...

I agree with strikk handknits, it's always so interesting to see how your week has looked!

gracia said...

Here, too, it feels as though we have also fast-forwarded to the cooler months of winter...

avant garde design said...

funny how we are coming out of cold months and you are cooling off just now. amazing how the world works. i love your photo #3 of that big sky. amazing. oh, i haven't put your postcard in the mail yet...but it's coming, don't fear :)

And So I Whisper said...

I enjoy reading your blog and being inspired by your photos and stories. I have awarded you a Kreativ Blog Award!

stephanie levy said...

sounds like a great week!


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