Sunday, April 19, 2009

Review of my week


Review of my week 16

I got lot of thoughts in my head... am trying to order them... so this will be short

Monday: Walk and picnic with friends in Cecilia Forest
Tuesday: Clay Cafe day. I made an entire tea set for two- except the teapot, which just was finished firing from the week before.
In the evening we went to a Photography Exhibition and then for pizza.
Thursday: Went to listen to the Philharmonic Orchestra in the Townhall- it was absolutely astounding! I will tell you about it later in the week....
Saturday: Craftmeeting, I really enjoyed it again.
Sunday: Was invited to a Luncheon.

Don't forget the competition!


avant garde design said...

love all of those photos. i especially love the 3rd over from the right on the top. what a wonderful piece of architecture! happy monday :)

Cindy said...

i always love these.


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