Monday, March 23, 2009

Review of a week


Review of my week 12

After the wonderful heat last week the temperature plummeted to only 20C! And I got the flue. Which is why I have been offline for a bit, somehow too exhausted to be in the world of blogs.
Tuesday was Claycafe day.
I managed to go to the Craftmeeting at the Readerslounge, which was really great! It was my first time ever, because I either couldn't go or chickend out every time. I did after being ill in bed all alone for days pluck up all my guts and I am really really glad. Met a few great crafters and bloggers there, will tell you about that in the week
More inspiring blogs tomorrow- I will do a small feature about Quaint Handmande!
Happy Monday


Cindy said...

i'm so sorry you were under the weather in a big way ... sounds like you're feeling better. looking forward to hearing about the craft meeting and tomorrow, thank you!

Anonymous said...

So sorry you've come down with the 'flu. I hope you feel better soon!

strikk handknits said...

hello, divine to hear from you and divine to find your blog (i'm now a follower...) - i've been telling everyone about your wonderful crochet blanket - please take some pics and do a post for me so that i can brag about your wonderful handwork. have a fab weekend. tanya. x


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