Monday, March 2, 2009

Review of a week


Review of my week 9

I got enchanted this week! My little outing to Kirstenbosch was simply magical, but it also did magic to my heart and soul! Since then I suddenly see the world with different eyes again. Beauty in unexpected and secret places. And I got inspired- finally again! Being someone that has normally too many ideas, suddenly having very few and feeling rather uninspired in general made me feel rather blue. Now suddenly I can't understand what was wrong with me, how couldn't I see the magic around me?! As my friend Atika said: you need to go and play, Asiye! And when I finally did, It unlocked my heart again!
The rest of my week was full of beauty and magic, but on another level went on as normal... 
Thursday- guess what ;) - = clay cafe day
Friday lurch with girlfriend
Saturday cooked for an event with friends
This week was the Design Indaba, the best design event in Africa, in my opinion. Sadly I couldn't go to the talks- the tickets have become unaffordable!, the exhibition though is amazing and very inspiring, full of south African designer, crafters and artist extraoridnar- it always make me pull myself more together and be more businesslike about my jewellery- something i find a bit difficult. And the best part is to meet other artists from all over south Africa.
Oh yes, I nearly forgot- my waste amount of photos made my little apple be slackish and then it started struggling and nearly crashed- so i had to clean up! which i hadn't done for 6months again, and i had literally thousands of photos clocking up my storage space. I did the cleanup over two or three days.. now all my older photos are filed on discs and i done backups for everything else. this was also the reason for my delay or lack of posting...

Check this lovely project, it is very inspiring! 
This week I will do a feature on Princess Pea, one of the reasons I am a blogger.
How was your week?
Till later, xo

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aimee said...

i would have loved to attend design indaba. you lucky girl!


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