Thursday, March 5, 2009

Afternoon light

Remember this?
Oak treeSeason: Autumn
it looks like this now... Autumn is creeping in!

But regardless of what the oak tree thinks - the weather is scorching! Today it was very hazy and around 40C...


The light though has become wonderful, in the afternoon it showers everything in a golden glow. Very unlike Summer here- where the light is extremely bright, and the sky looks nearly white now we back to lovely turquoise blue




Anyhow here a a few shots a took on my way home this afternoon, hope you enjoy them

Going home

Have a nice evening! xo


Cindy said...

i love the difference between the top two, but the yellow photo is my favorite. i love the heart and the light!

heather smith jones said...

you do have such beautiful light there!
i really like your image with the pennant flags and the dangling heart. such a moment to find!


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