Thursday, February 12, 2009

Places to Eat: The Patisserie

I love food. Anything to do with it actually. Love cooking, growing veggies and fruits, having guests... and I love eating out! I adore it so much that I read wright-ups about restaurants more than I do the ones about movies. If I find a great new restaurant, it's a triumph for me. Well, while I was in Johannesburg I thought I'll share some of those places with you. Always when I find a really special place I'll tell you- in case you in the area go and try it and let me know what you thought.
The place that inspired this post is:

The Patisserie

The Patisserie

Its a cute little Place in Illove, Johannesburg. I had read about it when it just opened, but never was in Johannesburg. So it was the first place we went to.

The Patisserie

And I was not disappointed at all. It was more than I expected! So pretty and I just wanted to try everything in there. The atmosphere of the place is amazing and the staff and the owner (she is here behind the till:) are so welcoming and friendly.

The Patisserie

We settled for breakfast, initially. But I went back three times so I could try loads of the things they had on their menu. Well honestly, I mainly tired the cakes, petit fours, Chouxs and macaroons.

Petit four

My vote goes for the rose petit fours!
( I am trying to get O to bring me some back when he comes home ;))


Cindy said...

it look absolutely wonderful just like a petit four in a store. i hope he brings you some!

Charlotte Tollstén said...

Looks so yummie!!!
I tagged you to show your desk.
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

the almond covered in sugar that's on the top is part of my childhood memories (i'd have a bag of these at the fair)
3 times ?! you're not a sweet tooth, are you ?!!
and me neither ; p

Anonymous said...

This place is absolutely beautiful! Is it strange to say that I want my bedroom to look like this? Gorgeous!!!

hmstrjam said...

so sweet!


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