Saturday, October 4, 2008


I finally found it! After wanting one since last year- and looking in Switzerland, then in South Africa... waiting for winter to pass... considering to make one myself...but then being to lazy...looking all over Cape Town for it and now i found it! The summer dress i wanted!


 I wore it already to a function last Wednesday, and for this I needed some earrings- well I wanted new earrings. Time being an issue, I did realise that I can't really go out and buy some, so I made a pair (on Tuesday night, luckily I am a night owl) And here they are:

My creation

Wore lots of bangles with it and ahm I decided that I should get those gorgeous sandals I saw while looking for the dress (I absolutely use any excuse to get new shoes)
Now all I need is Summer!
But I shouldn't complain we had lovely weather today-  and hopefully Spring is staying this time!

View from my Appartment today

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